Mr. Anderson, My name is C__ M___, and I'm a music major at Case Western Reserve University. I just wanted to let you know how inspirational your compositions are to me. I hope to someday be a sound designer and composer myself, and hearing just how good your music is in all the different projects you are apart of really inspires me. The background music you did in a recent episode of My Little Pony literally gave me chills, and no other music in animation has done so. The music was backing up a story an older pony was telling a classroom of others. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu5jqJ5IKNA) The trumpet and french horn call at the very end is simply amazing. I just wanted to let you know that there are many musicians who love how much effort you put in to every project. Thank you for all the inspiration you give me,

Everything is good.

I bought the new API 1608 board which is a game changer. Then I was caught off guard - the doorbell rings, I go to answer and there are lights, cameras and a photographer and Larry Droppa, President of API standing there with a big box in his hand congratulating me on having bought API 1608 serial number 100! They interviewed me at length, gave me the TOTALLY AWESOME api 2500 music compressor, showered me with leather jackets and other swag and then bought me lunch. Dan and Larry win the award!

API is an amazing company with amazing people and the best audio has to offer. I am thrilled to own this console.

It is like a moving blanket was removed from around my speakers.

I am well into writing and producing the songs for Tom T's production of THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS.

Am going to post the press release for the music I did for the KICK ASS game, which was very flattering.

I am starting the score for the HUB series MY LITTLE PONY right now!

I did the opening number for th Kids Choice Awards 2010, which was performed by Adam Sandler. Had fun working with the choreographers.

Finished the theme for SIDEKICK, a new animated series from Nelvana.

Getting the music for RETURN on the page for the staged reading up in Seattle this summer.

Bought a great acoustic guitar that records superbly - Taylor 514 CE. Even the internal pickup sounds amazing.

Bought a pair of vintage Neuman KMi 85s that sound incredible. They have sequential serial numbers!

Marc De Sisto was here and we spent an afternoon getting a kick butt sound on my house drums. Robert Carone was out from Chicago. He banged on the drums, I moved mics around, Marc dialed it in.

Where does the time go? I just finished the PS3 game KICK ASS, of which the movie comes out next month. Awesome.

I was honored last night at the 25th Annual ASCAP Film & Television Awards for my music from THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. Cool.

It has been raining. I am making our living room into a tracking room. It is insane. We have been practicing in there as a band. It is a band of fathers with their sons or daughters. We will play for special needs kids in hospitals once we get rehearsed enough.

Iam just finishing work on a song for Obama called STAND FOR CHANGE. It came out nicely. Recorded a big choir for it.

I have been working farmer's hours. Like being at work at 3:30 am. DId a new track that my friend Nick Muir likes. He is thinking of doing a club re-mix of it - it is a killer song - I posted it under OTHER is you are interested. It is called WELCOME TO THE END. I am excited about this, mostly because I consider working with Nick Muir working with the finest the British electronic scene has to offer. An amazing artist and producer.

I love the fall. It has been so darn hot! I bought a new Korg M3 keyboard. It is pretty cool. Plus I got the new Omnisphere. That is amazing too, and was worth the wait. And I bought a new mic - the Blue Microphone Woodpecker. Seems like there is a funny bump in the 700 hz range, but it is a nice sounding ribbon. I put my C-12 and 414 in the shop to get them serviced and cleaned. Gear. Must have gear.

I have been writing a bunch of songs, doing stuff for season two of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, scoring TEAM SMITHEREEN and ABOVE THE LINE. A MISER BROTHERS CHRISTMAS came out very well.

Starting another special for ABC this month called CRANBERRY CHRISTMAS. It is another holiday special. Barry Manilow wrote the songs, which are terrific.

The RETURN is up and running and I am moving on to the next thing. Reviews are starting to come out. I posted our first review, from the LA Weekly, under PRESS. I emerged unscathed!

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH premiered after AMERICAN IDOL last Wednesday, and got absoutely terrific ratings. Everyone is thrilled. I am posting some of the ratings/reviews under PRESS.

Hey - good news. A musical I have been working on for quite some time was accepted into THE NEW AMERICAN MUSICAL FESTIVAL. This is a new festival, chaired by the steady, sure hands of Jason Alexander and Marcia Seligman (who has done such an amazing job with the REPRISE series of musicals at UCLA). So I am thrilled, as is my writing partner. We will stage a full production sometime later this year, with the illustrious DONALD MCKAYLE directing and choreographing. Pretty cool.

I have a show premiering January 23rd on The Fox Network, right after American Idol called THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. It is going to be huge. A "gamemaker", in the words of Mike Darnell. Working with my long time friend Howard Schultz at Lighthearted Entertainment. He told me that I have done just about every show of his for the past ten years!

I am also writing the songs and score for an ABC Primetime Christmas special that will air next year. It is the sequel to THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS, which was a stop motion animation classic from 1974 made by Rankin/Bass. Oddly enough, it is being producedd up in Toronto by CUPPA COFFEE, so I am happy about that.

I have NOT been buying any new computer toys. Well, not many.

I have been busy working on The Moment Of Truth, and submitting for some other shows. It is hot. Los Angeles and San Diego are burning. It is a disaster. I hope things abate soon.

8/10/07 ---
Finished a couple of independent movies: "Inhospitable" and "Road Reps" I am proud of both of them.
I am writing the opening number for Teen Choice Awards 2007 with Bob Bain Productions and my good friend Paul Flattery. Paul is a saint. What a great guy to work with.
I just bought the 8 core 3 ghz mac pro with 16 gigs of ram and the 30" cinema display. Nice.
I just am closing on a studio space in Toronto where I work with a lot of neat people. It will be good to have a solid place to write there.
I went to comicom last week and was on a panel for the show "Biker Mice From Mars." You can download part of the punk rock opera I wrote for it at iTunes for 3.99 if you want.
I am in the world. Lotta other stuff going on, but this is it for now.

Hi everyone, YOU KILL ME, a movie I just finished working on (I didn't do the whole score, just additional music) premiered at the TRIBECA festival tonight. The movie was totally oversold, had to turn people away. Please read Variety article and watch NBC video review. Actually, better yet, BUY TICKETS. Movie stars Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni, Luke Wilson, Bill Pullman. Opens everywhere June 22. Tell everyone. Thanks!


Been writing some stuff that's halfway decent. Started a new horror film called "Inhospitable". It's about a monster who lives out in the boonies. When the monster was little he first fed on baby bunnies and stuff like that, but later he graduates to humans. When I first met the director I thanked him for having told my life story with such humility and grace. and of course, that I would love to score the movie. You can see the trailer at MySpace.com/inhospitablemovie.

OK I brought a few things around here up to date - there is new music and art posted here and there - I am just about done with Biker Mice From Mars, we are getting to the PUNK ROCK OPERA episode I wrote, which will be great fun.

I just finished the opening and closing title for a new anime project called "Growlanser: Heritage Of War." ATLUS loved the music and appoved the very first sketches I showed them. They are super to work with.

I finished some music for a new Ben Kingsley movie called "You Kill Me", it is very funny and dark. My friend at Code Entertainment Bart Rosenblat produced it.

Still waiting to see if "Nothing But The Truth" is going to get a pick up at NBC. Did the pilot for my good friend and longtime client Howard Scultz at Lighthearted Entertainment.

I have started work on a new theatrical piece, a one woman show which is going to be a multi-media electronica opera. It is so cool. I am loving writing it.

The other musical I have been working on, "The Return" is entered in the prestigious New York Musical Festival. I have no doubt we will make the short list, which will be announced in just a few weeks, and then when they see that Donald McKayle has signed on to direct and choreograph it will be the talk of the town. We rule. Soon I will be in New York with Donald casting from the remarkable pool of theatrical talent there. Then when I get to conduct my score from the pit of a Broadway theatre with a full orchestra I am going to pee my pants and die. Someone remember to send me some "Depends" when that gets closer, OK?

Just finished scoring a trailer for a new show being developed by my friend Leah Mann, called "Stella Gets Schooled." It is a perfect Nickelodeon show.

I am lfying to Toronto later this month to meet with two companies; one about a two picture scoring deal (live action, great properties), and then off to meet with another company to talk about scoring a couple of new shows for Warners'. --- Been listening to Christina's "Hurt" and the Count Basie version of "Georgia" sung by Brother Ray. You know, when you put those analogue recordings done so long ago by masters of the craft side by side with modern recordings, they really do have alot more depth and character. I have this mixed up CD in my car that runs the gamut from stuff recorded in the 50's until present day. There really is a big difference. Todaay's stuff sounds cold. And mick jagger was right when he said alot of the mixes on "Exile on Main Street" were crap. Listen to "Tumbling Dice" - his vocal is buried and it sounds like they were all loaded out of their minds....now who would have guessed that....

hey guys - this is the first time i have seen myself refered to as "Master Television and Film Composer William Kevin Anderson wrote the music, lyrics, orchestration and even sang..."I should call and complain - they forgot to mention that i also conducted the orchestra!


Just got back from Disney Concert Hall where I took my son to see two Brahms Symphonies, No. 1 and No. 3. Conducter was the amazing world renowned Christoph Von Dohnyani.

You know Esa Pekka was phenomenal during his turn at the podium, and he is quite a composer as well. But this guy Christoph is just incredible to watch. Doesn't work with the score. Knows every note. Empassioned. And pulls the best out of what is already a world class orchestra.

The symphonies themselves are just towering works. Living in the shadow of Beethoven's triumphant Ode To Joy (His ninth) symphony had to be hard.

It was entrancing, beautifully performed and conducted music.

Still in the romantic era, even my ears could hear the harmonies and counter melodies and arc of the piece and appreciate it. Firmly rooted in the classical tradition of western conventional harmony.

Passings....a friend passed away recently, TOAD. my buddy pete writes: "I will always remember Eric as he was: the swagger...the cigarette jutting out from the wide grin...the sandy tousled hair spilling out from under the cowboy hat...the infecctious laugh...truckin' in his pick up, complete with custom camper sporting the bubble top...down to earth...hands on...surfer dude from Arizona...Cap'n peyote...the tale tales, all of them true no doubt. Happy trails Toad...


OPERA REVIEW the rise and fall of the city of mahagonny (ma-ha-go-nee) is by bertold brecht (book) and kurt weill (music). i saw it last night at the music center.the story: a prostitute's car breaks down, she decides to stay there and build a city of pleasure (brothel) for rich men. Mahagonny means Spiderweb. So rich alaskan forest guys come down and spend all their money to get laid, get in fights, and basically feed fuck and fight themselves all to death. there is no moral, there is a song that says there is no eternal life, all there is is money. a very french sartian "being and nothingness" type of thought, and one which i think is utter nonsense. audra mc donald and patti le pone were stunning inthe lead roles. the orchestra for this show was medium sized, plus a saloon type upright piano and a saxxophone choir. written just before the rise of nazism, in 1927, the play got weill banned from germany, which was probaby a good thing for brecht. the music was all over the place. remember, this was the time when stravinsky and prokofiev were pushing boundries of atonality, poylphonic, and dissonant composition - "rite of spring" was written during this time. so the music runs the gamet from "oh my god what is that chord!" "how are those singers hearing those harmonies!t" to "show me the way to the next whiskey bar", remember the rendition by the doors? well the doors didn't write it it is from this opera. it felt clumsy. weill is a better songwriter (mack the knife, three penny opera), but obviously well-schooled because he was putting assured dissonant thickness on the page. I felt like it was a choice made for the time, and not one that particularly benefited the opera.the staging was minimal and the choreography was just just of "stand and sing" variety. lighting was gorgeous. i like minimalism, but in this case i think the "city of pleasure" could have benefited from a more seductive, sensual, baroque set.And I was surprised that, given the prevalence of Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy in that time, especially amongst artists, that the opera would be so nihilistic.

guess here we are again - what what - well, 15 episodes into biker mice from mars and doing my punk rock episode now - punk rock biker mice from mars, writing a theme for a new TCM show called IDOLS, actors interviewing actors, first one is Alec Baldwin interviewing ene Wilder, going to be on a show called "LIVE SPACE WORK SPACE" they came and filmed me composing and working out and just doing my life in my space I guess that's what the show is about - it was hard to be natural on camera uhhhh atlus hired me to write some more songs for another video game uhhhhhhhh working on some cues for a new Ben Kingsley Movie called YOU KILL ME, it is cool. Wrote a new song called I FORGOT which is under other....I have all the toys so I haven't bought anymore junk. I designed a piece of jewelery made of platinum saphhire and diamonds - it is called MAN IN MOTION. It was fun. Happy New Year....

okay everything is good. am deep into bikermice and did a feature for film roman/stan lee/marvel entitled MOSAIC - it is a very bernard haerman-esque score. like north by northwest. i am posting a feew cues right from my work dub onto my animation page.

i am also posting, again straight from my work dub, the teaser to BMFM 2006 episode 4. Tom T. said it was his favorite cue of the season. I am not sure if that is a complaint or compliment. saw the premier of GRENDEL at the la opera. a retelling of beowolf from july taynor (sp?) and eliott goldenthal (sp?) - i loved it. great music cast and staging. not for everyone i imagine, but worked for me. I liked how long exestential monologues were punctuated, or really, punctured, by vulgar common vernacular. ok well back to work.

day of the devil. well, the previw of RETURN went well and we seem to have interest in the play. i am posting a pic of me with the cast in the other stuff part of my site.

I am two episodes into Biker Mice From Mars 2006, and it is going well. Rick told me he thought the score for episode one was some of my best work. I am also busy with the PS2 version of the BMFM game. It is going to come out on Gameboy DS as well. I am never going to buy another piece of gear ever.

I just finished the opening and closing themes for the new dick cavett show on turner. they came out amazing. thanks to bob,tom,bill, kimo, joel, larry, me, jenn, daniel and brian. yee gads, go have a listen under tv stuff.

the gear sickness continues. i bought an industrial cd dvd duplicator on e-bay. need to make hundres of copies of the cds for my musical and punk rock opera,

Doink. Pow. Wham.

Well another update. Saw Le Nozze Di Figaro at the Disney Concert Hall last...uh, well, I don't remember. Not my favorite opera. All that dinking around on the harpsichord makes me nervous. BUT. This was an amazing production.

First of all, the sexual chemistry of the cast, especially Barbara Bonney (Susanna), Cherubino (Lucy Schaufer) and Countess Almaviva (Adrianne Pieczonka) was electric and palpable.

Then Kent Nagano did a fabulous job with the orchestra.

And the big prize goes to director Ian Judge for putting together the best production of this opera I have ever seen. And I have seen it, well, three times. But this was so good.

An invigorating and sexually charged read of a timeless repertoire classic. The end.

And me? Well, I am recording a 16 piece swing band here at my studio tomorrow for the new Dick Cavett show. Same crew and players I used for the Miss America Pagent.

And I am just finishing episode 38 of KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG. Plus a few other things here and there.

I have been super busy! Lets see. I did the kids choice awards again this year, theme and incidental music. It was a really good show this year. Everyone I work with on the show is super cool. Also did some music for a pilot called back to the grind.

Plus I just finished writing a punk rock opera for a re-make of biker mice from mars. Need to thank jim west, Bermuda Schwartz, and joel taylor for doing such a fantastic job on the tracks. And thanks to jennifer for helping me on the session and with copying. Special thanks to tom t. for giving me the opportunity to write whatever crazy punk pop orchestral comic hip hop stuff was in my mind and then let me work with such an a list cast: rob, lisa, dina, jess, ian, jennifer, and dorian.

Wow. I start the series later this month. And i just finished scoring the biker mice trailer for mipcom. And biker mice ringtones! Yes. Let no biker mice stone be unturned!

Tom took some pictures of me working with the talent on the record for the biker mice punk opera. I will try to get a pic or two and post!

Also did a track for the wb dance show jammx kids.

And have been busy with the new musical RETURN. We are having a backers audition in may, so I have been busy working with the cast and writing some new songs.

I think that is most of it but I probably forgot something!

Gear talk. got my house drum kit sounding slammo. Getting everything kinda normaled so my room is always on always ready.

loving my arsenal of new mics, pre-amp and compressors. Brent avril Neve 1064 mic pres, UA 610s and 1176s, pendulum audio 6386, earthworks drum mics, rca 77, akg c-12, focusrite pres, la 2 compressor.

My new antelope audio osxv clock is amazing. Plus upgraded converters to apogee a/d 16x. Yee gads. Let the insanity prevail.

Now if only I could get that new ssl desk or maybe those new neve summing mixersÉ

cant wait for dp 5 to be available so I can get those new plug ins and midi track management folders, etc. in fact I am going to their website now to see if it is out. I am tired of scrolling thru 200 midi tracks and 30 some odd tracks of aux instruments and audio files!

LOVE MY Mac 2.5 dual gig machine, 8 gigs, terabyte of hd space. Solid as a rock. Not going to change platforms for at least 2 yrs. Though those dual core processor machines are tempting, but I dont think its a double from where I am at and I dont have time to suffer the changeover. Use what you have and learn to abuse it!

Happy New Year! I would like to thank my friend Jim for his support and comments on my website. It is so important how we present ourselves to the world. Especially out here in cyberspace. Children are watching. People are reading. You need to put out a positive message, especially in these times.

Also thanks to Bulut in Turkey and Zaki in Norway for their enthusiastic reception to my music. It is wonderful how music is such a universal language.

New stuff. I recently completed the Miss America Pageant, for which I had the pleasure of writing and arranging big band music with some of my favorite players in Los Angeles. Thanks to Jim West, Tom Evans, Joel Taylor, Larry Antonino, Jon Schwartz, Bob Mc Chesney, Nic Lang, Oscar Fenton, Patrick Griffin, David Kates and everyone else who helped make the rat pack music swing!

I am starting the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards this month, I think it is my forth or fifth year in a row on the show.

I am deep into the second season of "Krypto The Superdog" for CN. It is such a pleasure to work with everyone at WB on the show. Special thanks to Scott and Dana and Bob Higgins.

What else. My musical is going great guns. I start Biker Mice from Mars in March. Tom T. and Leah Mann are writing a (rock opera) libretto for the 26th episode. That will be great fun and challenging to write. I will also be scoring the Biker Mice video game which is being developed for the Sony Playstation 2 platform.

I bought a bunch of fun new toys for my studio - vintage mics, tube compressors and Neve mic pre-amps. They cost a small fortune, but man do they sound great!

OK music lovers - back to work!

Saturday, July 30
I saw the Palpiti Orchestral Ensemble of International Laureates at Walt Disney Concert Hall. They played some wonderful pieces by Nino Rota, Poulenc, Schubert and Mahler. These kids, most of them in their early 20's, come from all over the world, but mainly Europe. They are gifted and exhuberant and play with fire and passion. There is hope for the arts!

Welcome to my new web site. if i have missed a few typos please excuse - it is just now together for the first time. i have been busy pulling together content for the last couple of days - what a chore! I will post more stuff as time goes on, but this is a good start. please feel free to email with any comments. cheers, will.