Will Anderson Scores Composer & Producer


I like music. I like writing it, producing it, playing it. If I have a knack for something, I guess it is for creating something unusual or fresh, or just right. Like "Coconut Fred," a series I did for Warner’s. After the head writer heard my submission, he made it a point to meet me and tell me that my demo was so much better, different, & out of the box than anyone else’s that there wasn’t anyone even in the same room as me. Not even close.

Or way back in my starting days when I wrote a spec theme for a show called "Biker Mice From Mars" – the creator of the show called me up and said he had been playing it over and over and how did I write something that was so perfect? We went on to do 65 episodes.

Or the theme I wrote for "The Moment Of Truth." Howard told me that not only was it the best theme that I had ever written for him, it was the best theme that had been written for any television show ever.

It rocked when Universal called me and said they needed the score for the theme to "Earthworm Jim," because a couple was getting married to it & exchanging their vows while it was being played. How cool is that? I wonder how they are today?

I had a whole bunch of e-mails from young women asking for a short little song I wrote for "X-Men Evolution" – it was called "Who Am I Now" – not much of a song, but it touched a chord with young female adults. Funny what resonates.

The exec-producer on "Astro Boy" called me and said he was running around dancing to the theme so much that his wife was threatening to leave him!

Or recently on "My Little Pony," I was selected again from a field of talented folks, and now fans all over the web post the scores on a regular basis, raving about how cool they are.

All these little stories and events from all over the world are just out there, happening every day. It makes me feel good and keeps me going.

There is often a moment when I am writing when I get this feeling like "this is so friggin’ cool!" Or I laugh or smile or just can’t stop working. Sometimes I can’t go fast enough because everything I want to do is so clear. Or I make a mistake and realize "wait, that’s it!" Those are the goodness moments. I love those. I try to keep those goodness moments in my pocket at all times.

I like teaching my kids how to write and produce music. I like walking my dog. I cook the same way I compose. I like watching the sun come up in the morning; and listening to the hoot owls and crickets at night.

That’s music too, ya’ know.

William Kevin Anderson